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Atlanta Brunch Festival

ABF was held this year for two weekends in a row! Food vendors had the opportunity to participate both days, or a single day. This was the first year Social Society ATL was a food vendor. We were a bit nervous, considering we didn't know what to expect. However, as we made our way to Atlantic Station, the nerves went out the window. It was time to work. In the midst of us prepping and setting up, we continued to have issues with the power source. The things that could wrong, started to go wrong. Yet, we don't dwell on the negatives, we look for solutions! We were able to find a staff member who directed an electrician to our table. The electrician came back with another extension cord, and we were finally ready to start cooking!

VIP ticket holders of the festival were able to redeem tickets in exchange for food. Our food menu consisted of: crab cake bites, French toast breakfast sandwich, chix and waffle stix. The VIP ticket holders were able to utilize their tickets for the breakfast sandwich or the chix and waffle stix. We didn't begin prepping the crab cakes until around 12:30pm. Once the crab cakes were done, it was all gas and no brakes at our booth! We had so many people coming because of seeing other people's food, or hearing about our food, we even had quite a few returning customers! The overall experience was worth all the small hiccups.

In between the customers receiving their food, we had the opportunity to allow them to scan our QR code for our upcoming March 25th Brunch, and also explained how Social Society ATL operates. We bring fine dining to a private location, with a private chef! We do all the work, the chef cooks in front of you, and all that our guests have to do is show up!

The love from everyone was overwhelming! If you took the time to stop by our booth, we thank you!

Hope to see you soon at the dinner table!

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